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Thersa S. - I have been taking Pilates classes with Peggy for a few years now and was so impressed with her instruction style that I encouraged my husband to join the class with me. Peggy takes the time to give alternative exercises to accommodate personal needs, starts class promptly, and provides constructive feedback to individuals and the group. After several months of Pilates classes, I began a personal training regimen with her and have been very pleased with the results. Peggy is knowledgeable and encourages you while also correcting your form to ensure the best work-out results. Safety is a priority and she periodically changes the routine to prevent boredom. Her pleasant, friendly demeanor also motivates you to attend your sessions without the feeling of dread that often accompanies exercise programs. I would definitely recommend her as a personal trainer.

Lisa A. - I have taken pilates with Peggy for the past 5 years straight. Her classes are beautifully structured and she really knows how to work the body safely. I have also used Peggy as a personal trainer, and her approach is safe, and completely tailored to the needs of the client. Her personality is warm, honest and she's extremely encouraging. I highly recommend Peggy for all exercise regimens--she is thorough and extremely knowledgeable regarding correct posture, pinpointing muscle groups and how to still work out safely with injuries or limitations.

Sandra K. - Peggy's training has done amazing things for my body and my posture. I was already in pretty good shape when I started Pilates, and was very surprised that it was so challenging for me. I have really noticed improvements in my core strength.
Peggy is great at making a class interesting and meaningful for both beginners and advanced students at the same time. Her one on one training is perfect as she is able to work you exactly to your limit. Peggy also takes the time to get to know her students, and because of that, is able to quickly point out extra tips just for you in class. She is also a delightful lady!


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